Tim Jones Accepts $10,000 From Cloners, Passes $5,000 To Budget Chair Ryan Silvey As Silvey Considers Illegal Funding Of MOSIRA

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Monday, February 6, 2012

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Tim Jones Accepts $10,000 From Cloners, Passes $5,000 To Budget Chair Ryan Silvey As Silvey Considers Illegal Funding Of MOSIRA

St. Louis – February 6, 2012 – House Majority Leader Tim Jones accepted $10,000 from pro-cloning political action committees in the most recent reporting quarter. The contributions were dated October 3, 2011, just days after Jones led the fight in the Missouri House to pass the controversial MOSIRA bill without protections against spending taxpayer dollars on abortion services, human cloning, and life-destroying experimentation. The MOSIRA bill, a scheme to fund science special interests, passed the House on September 23, 2011.

Jones led the fight against including protections against spending taxpayer dollars on human cloning and other life-destruction experimentation in the MOSIRA bill, and then 10 days later turned around and accepted a total of $10,000 from two separate pro-cloning political action committees.

These contributions were in addition to at least $8,000 in three separate contributions that Jones accepted from pro-cloning groups in the 2010 election cycle.

After accepting the money from the cloners on October 3, 2011, Jones turned around and gave $5,000 to House Budget Committee Chair Ryan Silvey on December 30, 2011. At the same time, Silvey accepted an additional $10,000 total from two other pro-cloning politicians, House Speaker Steve Tilley and Representative John Diehl. Tilley has accepted at least $50,000 from pro-cloning political action committees. Both Tilley and Diehl were leaders along with Jones in the fight against including pro-life protective language in the MOSIRA bill.

Now just a few weeks after accepting these contributions, Silvey and his budget committee are debating whether to illegally fund MOSIRA with $1 million in taxpayer money at the request of Governor Jay Nixon. The funding of MOSIRA is a long-sought goal of the cloners.

The potential funding of MOSIRA is illegal because the language of the MOSIRA bill clearly states that MOSIRA does not go into effect without the concurrent passage of the so-called “Aerotropolis” bill. Since the “Aerotropolis” bill did not pass in the special session last fall, MOSIRA cannot go into effect and is a legal nullity.

Despite the clear language of the bill, Nixon has pledge to try to implement MOSIRA anyway, disregarding his obligation to uphold the Missouri constitution. Missouri Roundtable For Life is challenging this illegal action in court.

“Science has rendered human cloning obsolete,” said Fred Sauer of Missouri Roundtable For Life. “Scientists can now create early-stage stem cells without having to clone or kill human embryos. And the legal community rejecting the cloning agenda as well. For example, the European Court of Justice just banned the patenting of technologies derived from the destruction of human embryos in October 2011. Why is Missouri still intent on spending our taxpayer dollars on this black science? The answer is that money from the cloners is corrupting the legislative process. We need leaders who will represent the citizens of Missouri and the most innocent among us instead of accepting money from extremely well-funded special interests intent on getting control of an unending stream of taxpayer dollars.”

For more on how recent scientific advances have rendered human cloning obsolete, please visit www.missouriroundtable.org.