“No More Anti-Life Backroom Deals!”

MRFL Press Release

For Immediate Release
August 25th, 2011
Contact: Missouri Roundtable For Life 314-854-1381

Missouri Roundtable For Life calls on Governor Nixon and Missouri Legislative Leaders to PUBLICLY STATE THEIR POSITIONS on making Missouri taxpayers pay for abortion, human cloning, and embryo-destructive experimentation in the MOSIRA bill upcoming in the special session.

“No More Anti-Life Backroom Deals!”

Backroom deals preceding the upcoming legislative special session threaten to force Missouri taxpayers to pay for abortion, human cloning and embryo-destructive experimentation.

Ever since the Missouri legislature passed the Life Sciences Trust Fund in 2003, Missouri taxpayers have had protections in place to prevent their dollars from going to life-destructive experimentation.

These protections were stripped from the MOSIRA bill, which is designed to fund life science special interests, in the waning days of the regular legislative session in May.

“Politicians must stop dodging and weaving,” said Frederic G. Sauer of Missouri Roundtable For Life. “We are calling on Governor Nixon and Missouri legislators to convene a public forum with Missouri citizens before any bill is taken up in the special session, so they can clearly state whether they support using our taxpayer dollars to pay for life-destructive experimentation. No more thinking the voters won’t notice.”

A public forum should be held before the special session called by Governor Nixon is scheduled to convene on September 6.