Nixon Nominates Cloners’ Choice To Head Department Of Economic Development

MRFL Press Release

For Immediate Release
January 05, 2012

Contact: Fred Sauer 314-854-1381

Nixon Nominates Cloners’ Choice To Head Department Of Economic Development

Missouri Roundtable For Life, a grassroots organization focused on a range of life issues, strongly urges Senators of both parties to reject Governor Jay Nixon’s nomination of Jason Hall as the new Director of the Department of Economic Development.

Jason Hall’s close ties to Donn Rubin, John Danforth, and individuals that seek to use Missouri taxpayer dollars to fund embryo-destructive experimentation and abortion research should disqualify him from taking over a department that disburses public funds.

According to published reports, Nixon said that Hall was involved in the controversial MOSIRA bill considered by the most recent legislative special session. MOSIRA was a scheme to fund life science special interests with taxpayer dollars without protections against using such funds for abortion, human cloning, and experimentation on human embryos.

Nixon has threatened to implement MOSIRA, violating his oath to uphold the Missouri constitution, despite clear language in the bill that renders it a nullity. Missouri Roundtable For Life is challenging this unconstitutional action in court.

The taxpayers pay Jason Hall $120,000 a year in his position as executive director of the Missouri Technology Corporation (MTC), the entity that the MOSIRA bill would place in charge of spending taxpayer dollars given to science special interests.

In this role, Hall acts under the direction of the MTC board that includes Donn Rubin, whose was the chief spokesperson for the proponents of Amendment 2, who waged a deceptive campaign to create a constitutional right to clone and destroy human embryos in Missouri in 2006.

According to own words, Hall worked closely with and at the same law firm as John Danforth, who was one of the leaders of the campaign to pass Amendment 2.

“If Missourians want to know why the cloners spent $30 million to pass Amendment 2, this is it,” said Fred Sauer, President of Missouri Roundtable For Life. “They want to get their hands on a continuous stream of taxpayer dollars so they can spend it on life-destructive experimentation. And Jason Hall is the person the cloners want in charge of doling out the money.”

“Missourians are sick of special interests trying to get their hands on our money under the guise of so-called ‘economic development.’ Stop it! We urge the Senate to reject Nixon’s nomination of Jason Hall as head of the Department of Economic Development.”

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