Nixon Asks For $1 Million From Taxpayers For Illegal Scheme

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

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Nixon Asks For $1 Million From Taxpayers For Illegal Scheme

St. Louis – February 1, 2012 – Governor Jay Nixon has asked Missouri taxpayers to pony up $1 million to fund the illegal special interest scheme known as MOSIRA.

The MOSIRA bill debated in the legislature last session purports to set up a mechanism to funnel money to science special interests. The language of the MOSIRA bill clearly states that MOSIRA does not go into effect without the concurrent passage of the so-called “Aerotropolis” bill. Since the “Aerotropolis” bill did not pass in the special session last fall, MOSIRA cannot go into effect and is a legal nullity.

Despite the clear language of the bill, Nixon has threatened to implement MOSIRA anyway, violating his duty to uphold the Missouri constitution. Missouri Roundtable For Life is challenging this unconstitutional action in court.

Now Nixon’s Department of Economic Development has requested an immediate $1 million for MOSIRA in an illegal rush to implement it.

MOSIRA is part of a larger scheme to get a continuous stream of taxpayer dollars to fund objectionable human experimentation, including abortion and human cloning. In 2006, special interests spent $30 million to pass the deceptive Amendment 2, which created a constitutional right to clone and experiment on human embryos. Now the special interests are coming for the money. At stake is control of a perpetual stream of taxpayer dollars, including hundreds of millions of dollars of tobacco settlement money slated to be received by the Life Sciences Trust Fund.

During the debate over MOSIRA, legislators bowed to pressure from the cloners and refused to include a provision that would have protected taxpayer dollars from funding abortion, human cloning, and embryo-destructive research.

MOSIRA would place the quasi-governmental Missouri Technology Corporation (MTC) in charge of passing out taxpayer dollars. MTC was run by Donn Rubin, who remains on the board. Donn Rubin was the chief spokesperson for the pro-cloning supporters of Amendment 2. The current executive director of MTC, Jason Hall, whose $120,000 salary is paid for by the taxpayers, is a protégé of John Danforth, one of the most prominent supporters of Amendment 2.

Nixon has now nominated Hall to head Missouri’s Department of Economic Development, where he would oversee the proposed $1 million expediture to implement MOSIRA, for the benefit of his colleagues at MTC. When Hall was asked what the $1 million would be used for, according to published reports he “gave no concrete answer.”

“The cloners have worked relentlessly to construct a scheme that would give them access to a continuous stream of taxpayer dollars for life-destructive experiments,” said Fred Sauer of Missouri Roundtable For Life. “Now Governor Nixon is trying to ram through an illegal $1 million to get the ball rolling. We call on our Missouri legislators and all concerned Missouri citizens to stand against this unconstitutional action.”

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