MRFL President Fred Sauer Writes Open Letter to Speaker Tim Jones

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

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MRFL President Fred Sauer Writes Open Letter to Speaker Tim Jones

Missouri Roundtable For Life President Fred Sauer has written an open letter to Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones highlighting the discrepancy between Jones’s claim that he would never support human cloning and his actions to the contrary.

In 2011, Tim Jones led the fight to pass the so-called Missouri Science and Innovation Reinvestment Act (MOSIRA) during the Special Session of the Missouri legislature. MOSIRA, a scheme to fund special interest groups, would have permitted taxpayer dollars to be spent on abortion, human cloning, and embryo experimentation. It passed the Missouri House on September 23, 2011.

In February of 2012, Jones claimed, “MOSIRA does not permit or advance cloning in the state.” But, this assertion seems to have no basis in truth, since the wording of Amendment 2 specifically redefines human cloning to protect the very procedure it claims to ban. The definition of cloning previously in Missouri law, “the creation of a human being by any means other than the fertilization of an oocyte of human female by the sperm of a human male,” was changed to “Clone or attempt to clone a human being means to implant in a uterus or attempt to implant in a uterus.”

MOSIRA would permit taxpayer dollars to fund human cloning so it promotes human cloning, rightly defined as somatic cell nuclear transfer, in the state. This is in direct opposition to Mr. Jones’s statement.

Fred Sauer asked Tim Jones:

Will you please state for the record absolutely that you will never support any legislation that provides state funding either for human cloning properly defined as Somatic cell Nuclear Transfer or for any manipulation, destruction, or experimentation on any human embryo?

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