MRFL President Fred Sauer Writes Open Letter to Rep. Anne Zerr

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Monday, April 15, 2013

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MRFL President Fred Sauer Writes Open Letter to Rep. Anne Zerr

In an April 12, 2013 letter to Representative Anne Zerr, Chair of Economic Development Committee of the Missouri House Of Representatives, Fred Sauer addressed concerns Missouri Roundtable For Life has with pending legislation in Missouri:

Dear Anne:

It has come to our attention that the Missouri legislature is considering economic development legislation that could result in taxpayer dollars being spent on abortion, human cloning, and embryo experimentation.

Why are you doing this? Mainline science is abandoning embryonic stem cell research as obsolete and instead pressing ahead with promising new technologies that allow the creation of pluripotent stem cells without harming or manipulating human embryos.

See the enclosed Missouri Roundtable For Life publication, “Scientific Advances Render Embryo-Destructive Research Obsolete” for more information.

Just after the Missouri Supreme Court unanimously struck down MOSIRA, are you trying to create another pathway for the cloners to get our money?

Why do you continue to do the bidding of a small group of people who insist on using our taxpayer dollars to kill human embryos? And you always do it in some miserably deceptive way.

This is outrageous and corrupt.

The citizens of Missouri are sick of the fraudulent attempts to give our hard earned dollars to a handful of morally compromised elites.

Yours truly,

Fred N. Sauer

The original letter is found on the website and the enclosed publication can be viewed here.

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