MRFL President Fred Sauer Addresses Tax Credits and Cloning in an Open Letter to Eric Schmitt

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

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MRFL President Fred Sauer Addresses Tax Credits and Cloning in an Open Letter to Eric Schmitt

Missouri Roundtable For Life President Fred Sauer has written an open letter to Missouri State Senator Eric Schmitt after Schmitt’s Senate committee stripped language from the economic development bill that would have ensured tax credits could not be used for embryo experimentation, human cloning, and abortion.

Missouri is a predominantly pro-life state and Republicans hold a supermajority in Jefferson City. What reason is there to remove this protective language other than plans to fund cloners with state money, something Missouri Roundtable For Life has long opposed and fought against?

Fred Sauer points out that tax credits are monies that belong to the Missouri taxpayers.

For entities without a Missouri-based income stream, the credit can be resold in the secondary market for cash. An entity with a taxable Missouri taxable income gets a reduction in taxes that other taxpayers have to make up with increased taxes.

Highlighted in the letter is the example of a German company, Boehringer Ingelheim, which may be seeking tax credits from Missouri. The company is exceptionally successful with a net income of over 1.4 billion euros. Why should Missouri taxpayers give this company any money at all?

In the letter, Fred Sauer asks why the relentless insistence by certain politicians to not protect taxpayer dollars from funding abortion, human cloning, and embryo experimentation:

The proposed MOSIRA legislation; attempting to illegally enact it; the stubborn rejection of protections against spending taxpayer dollars for embryo experimentation, human cloning, and abortion; and now the proposal to use tax credits as a form of funding suggest that there is more going with the cloners than meets the eye.

Missourians deserve legislators who will protect Missouri taxpayers and not serve special interest groups that make large campaign contributions.

The full letter can be foundĀ here.