MRFL Calls For Public Meeting on MOSIRA in the Capitol Rotunda

MRFL Press Release

For Immediate Release
Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Contact: Fred Sauer 314-854-1381

MRFL Calls For Public Meeting on MOSIRA in the Capitol Rotunda

St. Louis – February 14, 2012 – Missouri legislators have failed to respond to Missouri Roundtable For Life’s request that they provide Missouri taxpayers with detailed projections of the potential costs of MOSIRA over the next 25 years. MOSIRA is a scheme to funnel money to science special interests.

Governor Nixon, aided by legislators who have taken campaign contributions from science special interests, has continued in his quest to illegally fund MOSIRA. Missouri Roundtable For Life is challenging this illegal action in court.

The potential funding of MOSIRA is illegal because the language of the MOSIRA bill clearly states that MOSIRA does not go into effect without the concurrent passage of the so-called “Aerotropolis” bill. Since the “Aerotropolis” bill did not pass in the special session last fall, MOSIRA cannot go into effect and is a legal nullity.

Now Senator Ron Richards has filed a bill to force Missouri taxpayers to fund MOSIRA. This bill could result in taxpayer funds going to support abortion, human cloning, and life-destroying experimentation on human beings.

Missouri Roundtable For Life is preparing an analysis by ordinary taxpayers and citizens of Missouri of what the MOSIRA scheme is all about.

This is a prerequisite to asking for an open public discussion about MOSIRA, to be held in the rotunda of the Capitol.

“If Missouri taxpayers fully understood the MOSIRA scheme, how it has been promoted by politicians who have taken lots of money from special interests, how it will funnel taxpayer money to special interests who can’t make it in the private sector, how much it will cost, and that it threatens to force taxpayers to pay for abortion, human cloning, and other life-destroying experimentation, politicians would lose their jobs,” said Fred Sauer of Missouri Roundtable For Life. “We intend to hold these politicians accountable.”