Missouri Senators Refuse to Protect Life in MOSIRA Special Interest Giveaway

MRFL Press Release

For Immediate Release
September 14th, 2011
Contact: Fred Sauer 314-854-1381

Missouri Senators Refuse to Protect Life in MOSIRA Special Interest Giveaway

Late last night while Missourians were sleeping, the state Senate refused to add language to MOSIRA that would protect Missouri tax dollars from going to abortion, human cloning, and embryo-destructive experimentation.

And now today, the Senate passed this same bill that threatens to force our state’s citizens to pay for the destruction of human life.

MOSIRA is a scheme to fund science special interests. In the words of Governor Nixon’s office: “MOSIRA would create a funding source… by capturing a small percentage of the growth in state revenue over a base year from a designated group of Missouri science and innovation companies. The monies would then be transferred into the Missouri Technology Investment Fund. The Missouri Technology Corporation (MTC) will administer the funding created by MOSIRA.”

This is the same Missouri Technology Corporation that was recently headed by the chief spokesperson for the campaign to pass Amendment 2, which created a constitutional entitlement to human cloning and embryo-destructive experimentation in 2006.

“Amendment 2 was fraud on the people of Missouri. The ballot language said it would ban human cloning, but in fact it created a constitutional right to human cloning. And now the same special interests are pushing MOSIRA as vehicle to potentially use public funds to pay for such unethical experimentation,” said Fred N. Sauer of Missouri Roundtable For Life. “We call on the citizens of Missouri to rise up and reject this scheme to take ever-increasing public funds without protections for human life.”