Missouri Roundtable For Life Files Legal Action Against Carnahan, Schweich, And Koster

MRFL Press Release

For Immediate Release
Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Contact: Fred Sauer 314-854-1381

Missouri Roundtable For Life Files Legal Action Against Carnahan, Schweich, And Koster

St. Louis – March 8, 2012 – Missouri Roundtable For Life today filed a legal action in Cole County against Robin Carnahan, Tom Schweich, and Chris Koster, asserting that they illegally manipulated initiative petition language so as to mislead and confuse Missouri voters and create prejudice against MRFL’s proposed constitutional amendment.

This December, Missouri Roundtable For Life filed a proposed constitutional amendment that would correct the mistaken definition of human cloning in Amendment 2.

Robin Carnahan is bound by law to write ballot summary language for the voters that is “neither intentionally argumentative nor likely to create prejudice either for or against the proposed measure.” Instead, Carnahan illegally wrote an extremely biased and inaccurate ballot summary that would completely mislead the voters and deny them their rights under the Missouri Constitution.

Tom Schweich likewise wrote a biased and prejudicial fiscal note, contrary to his legal obligations.

And Chris Koster certified the biased and prejudicial ballot summary and fiscal note of Carnahan and Schweich, respectively.

“The abuse of Missouri voters and citizens by these elected officials who are supposed to obey the law and whose fiduciary obligation is to treat all parties fairly before the law is atrocious,” said Fred Sauer of Missouri Roundtable For Life. “We are committed to seeking justice so that Missouri voters can receive a fair, unbiased, and accurate summary of the proposed amendment in the voting booth.”

For more information, please visit missouriroundtable.org