How Much Will MOSIRA Cost Taxpayers? MRFL Calls On Legislators To Provide Detailed Projections

MRFL Press Release

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Contact: Fred Sauer 314-854-1381

How Much Will MOSIRA Cost Taxpayers? MRFL Calls On Legislators To Provide Detailed Projections

St. Louis – February 8, 2012 – The Missouri legislature is presently engaged in a debate to illegally fund MOSIRA, a scheme to funnel taxpayer dollars to science special interests. Missouri Roundtable For Life is calling on both the House and the Senate to fulfill their fiduciary obligations by providing Missouri taxpayers with detailed projections of the potential costs of MOSIRA over the next twenty-five years.

“The MOSIRA scheme contains a ratchet feature that could result in relentlessly increasing payouts of taxpayers dollars to special interests over the next twenty-five years,” said Fred Sauer of Missouri Roundtable For Life. “Our representatives have a fiduciary obligation to let Missouri taxpayers know how much this might cost them.”

The potential funding of MOSIRA is illegal because the language of the MOSIRA bill clearly states that MOSIRA does not go into effect without the concurrent passage of the so-called “Aerotropolis” bill. Since the “Aerotropolis” bill did not pass in the special session last fall, MOSIRA cannot go into effect and is a legal nullity.

Despite the clear language of the bill, Nixon has pledged to try to implement MOSIRA anyway, disregarding his obligation to uphold the Missouri constitution. Missouri Roundtable For Life is challenging this illegal action in court.

In the last regular legislative session, the MOSIRA bill was stripped of a provision that would have prevented taxpayer dollars from going to abortion, human cloning, or embryo-destructive experimentation. The implementation of MOSIRA now threatens to force taxpayers to pay relentlessly increasing amounts for such life-destructive practices that many find objectionable.